Henning Huffer 5 x round the world© No.1 RTW 1972
No.2 RTW 1974 - 76
No.3 RTW 1976 - 77
No.4 RTW 1978 - 80
No.5 RTW 1980 - 83
Bo 209 Monsun:
by Messerschmitt-Boelkow
reg. D-EAAC
two seater
range: 430 NM standard
(no extra fuel tanks)

chartered airplane
sponsored by:

State Department
Olympic Committee
City of Munich
Beer Industry
CMA (Central Marketing for Agriculture)
Schenker Australia Pty.Ltd.
Ferenczy Publishers
flight rules: day VFR

from Munich to Munich March 17, 1972 – July 28, 1972.

goodwill-tour promoting the XX. Olympics 1972 in Munich.

with official visits to 95 capitals in 52 countries on 5 continents.

general trip information:

95 legs
total flight time: 234 hours
total distance flown: 28.000 NM
average time per leg: 2,5 hours
longest flight time per leg:
4,5 hours
longest distance per leg:
492 NM

pre-GPS navigation
single VHF
single VOR
single ADF
nil gyros
nil HF
nil autopilot
pilot’s qualification:
private pilot
with a total of 96 hours logged before RTW